The British Alpaca Society

The British Alpaca Society (BAS) is dedicated to the welfare of alpacas and the education of their owners in the UK.

The BAS provides information, support and events for alpaca owners, breeders and those interested in alpacas, as well as maintaining the Pedigree Register for the National Herd.

The Alpaca Magazine

The British Alpaca Society’s magazine, Alpaca, is published four times a year in the Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter with each issue being mailed to BAS members.


Camelidynamics is a proven and effective method to handle and train alpacas and llamas that saves time and energy. With proven methods since 1981 it was designed specifically for alpacas and llamas and is easy to learn and use.

The Retired Greyhound Trust

The Retired Greyhound Trust (RGT) is a national charity and was established to ensure the long-term welfare of greyhounds after retirement from racing.

The Battery Hen Welfare Trust

The Battery Hen Welfare Trust aims to educate the public about the egg laying industry focusing on battery farming, they also re-home battery hens across the UK.

Cat Rescue

This is a volunteer-led rescue society, rehoming both farm and domestic cats in Wiltshire and the surrounding areas.  We re-homed our four semi-feral cats from them and would highly recommend them.


The Everhot is a traditional cooking range providing cooking and additional room heat, however it operates at less than half the running costs of most other traditional ranges.  We love our Everhot cooker – and on top of all these qualities, it is also made locally!

The TB Action Group

We take bio-security very seriously and support the efforts of Dianne Summers and her team.  Dianne can be contacted via email on:  or by phone on 01209 822422 or 07949 511316.  You do not have to be affected by TB to be a member of the support group.

Green Tourism Plan

Sustainability and green issues are now very much mainstream, with governments, businesses and individuals all involved.  Tourism, as one of the main economic drivers in the UK, has its part to play.  That is where the Green Tourism Business Scheme (GTBS) comes in.