An Alpaca


Come and spend a few hours up close and personal with our extremely friendly alpacas.  Meet Mary, our self-appointed alpha-female and Director of Marketing (click here to see Mary’s Newsletters) and all the mums, dads and crias (baby alpacas).  We usually have around 40 in all to meet, each with their own characters and idiosyncrasies.

Start off by learning a little about the history of these amazing animals. Then we will really get up close and personal, showing you a range of husbandry techniques and tricks of the trade.  Once you have fed, watered, caught, haltered and walked with the alpacas it will be time to understand how we utilise this most amazing fleece.

Prices as follows:

We charge £25/person up to 4 people

5 – 12 people – £12.50/person

12 people and over, call for party rates

Please note:  With parties of brownies, guides, schools etc we offer substantially reduced rates.